Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada and Portishead Avon UK 27 June 2017.

Survival Systems Limited (SSL) is pleased to announce receipt of a contract from Galliford Try to provide crainage associated with the AAVUEST dunker pool. The AAVUEST contract is being managed by Defence Infrastructure Organization (DIO) & Mott MacDonald (MM) on behalf Ministry Of (MOD).

The cranage for the dunker pool consists of SSL’s Personnel-Rated Lift Twin Gantry Hoist (TGHTM) & Bridge. The whole system makes use of SSL’s acknowledged world leading training systems for aircraft, boat, and vehicle “in water” survival training. Key to the success of SSL’s integrated training systems is their safety certification for personnel hoisting achieved by designed redundant systems so there is no possible single point of failure. This provides trainees and instructors with a safe working and training environment. The flexibility of SSL’s systems enables a number of use and control options thus allowing the system to provide the widest scope of realistic training in safe conditions.

Speaking from Dartmouth, Paul Douglas, President & CEO of SSL, said “We are really proud to have received this order from Galliford Try as it is our first in the Defence Environment in UK. This contract complements Survival Systems Limited’s commercial systems already established in the UK and our systems deployed in more than 25 countries with military, academy, university, maritime, and commercial training schools. Our discussions and negotiations with Galliford Try by phone and at the site have been frank and open and we look forward to working on this well planned and managed project with this very professional main contractor”

Speaking from the site at Yeovilton Simon Burkitt Galliford Try’s Project Manager said “We would like to thank SSL for their helpful and flexible responses to enable us to meet some difficult timelines. From the outset of discussions the willingness of SSL to help us bring this complex project to a successful conclusion has helped Galliford Try meet the DIO’s and MM’s requirements. Our collective aim is to deliver to the Royal Navy, and through them the armed forces in general, a facility that meets operational, time and budget requirements so they can train safely and reliably for years to come.”

During the project SSL has been and will be assisted by A Beattie Engineering Services and Lutra Associates Limited.

Notes for Editors
A “dunker pool” is the water filled pool into which the simulated craft (light aircraft, helicopter, vessel or vehicle) is lowered or deposited and then orientated so that the trainees can practice exiting the water filled cabin. The simulated cabin is called a Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS®). The METS®, which is modular, can be configured to represent the craft being simulated. A variety of personnel-rated cranes and lifts are available from SSL, and are a key integrated safety device to retrieve the METS® from the water in the event of a trainee becoming stressed or endangered inside the cabin or in the event of loss of power source or electrical control. A number of environments: storm, waves, fog etc., can be created using specialist facilities. The orientations, impacts, and environmental conditions can be progressively increased as trainees’ skills improve.

Galliford Try Galliford Try is a national housebuilding and construction company, with a turnover of £2.5bn. The construction business carries out building and infrastructure work across the UK with clients ranging from major Government departments through to regulated utilities and private sector companies. It carries out building and infrastructure works across the UK through the extensive knowledge and expertise of several regional offices. This approach enables them to deliver schemes of national distinction, with a local approach across a wide range of markets. This spread of work for both public and private sector clients is well balanced and widespread and they are renowned for their ability to provide sustainable, whole-life solutions.

Operating under a number of different brands Galliford Try is a leading UK House builder being 6th in the table of dwelling completions in 2016. Galliford Try, again through different brands, is also very active in facilities management, partnership and regeneration construction working with government and the private and charitable sectors to deliver iconic infrastructure, affordable homes and renewable energy sources.

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Survival Systems Limited (SSL) is based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is a world leading provider of underwater and “roll over” survival trainers for; helicopters, aircraft, work and life-saving boats and craft and amphibious vehicles. Their systems are those of choice for the training arms of defence, rescue, and survival provision organizations. SSL covers the whole range of survival systems training provision and have a number of key safety features which allow use of their systems to replicate environmental conditions that allow training in the most realistic conditions whilst paying the maximum attention to the safety and well-being of the trainees and instructors. Obviously the cranage is a key part of the safety systems.

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