Lutra Associates

Help to Market

Lutra’s Chief Executive, Tim Otter, worked in business development at a senior level covering government and industry in both UK and international markets for 25 years.  Other associates are as experienced. Between us we cover many different fields.  With that accumulated experience we understand how daunting new markets seem.  Equally we are used to working out ways to penetrate what seems to be a mass of contradictory and confusing barriers. One’s home defence and security market may even seem more confusing than the others. This is certainly the case with the UK.  We understand the seemingly glacial movement of projects which suddenly demand responses at lightning speed and penetration and the unpredictable nature of this contradiction. All the while the need to constantly engage with an ever changing and churning customer community across all ranks, disciplines and sectors driven by promotions, doctrinal thought and postings needs to be addressed.

Whether it’s starting out into a market or keeping going when it seems you have reached the doldrums Lutra is expert in helping the uninitiated get started or your own jaded teams keep going and get your company, its capabilities and its products to market. Picking up straws in the wind and developing them to opportunities is a key attribute. It is part of laying the foundation of market penetration. 

This “helping you get to market” can cover defining the workplace, identifying: appropriate methodologies, local marketing, the right marketing tools and then forming a marketing plan, preparing: briefs, articles, marketing material or helping with bids and proposals.  We are here to help you get to market and that means winning it. 

With the British Trade Delegates at the Tokyo Olympic offices
Helping PPD to market at DSEI
Tim Otter and Dan Kaszeta helping Serstech into the UK market