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Lutra are specialists in providing support to other companies and to government organizations. Support can and does come in myriad forms. Probably the one most commonly associated with Lutra is help to market. Lutra can do many things here. Perhaps the most fundamental is sanity checking the idea being put forward is sound. Will it pass a number of important tests; common sense, operational concept, practicality, can it be made, maintained and deployed are amongst the most obvious. Lutra can provide sound experienced based advice and support.

Once the idea is formed is there a demand for it, can one be created, have you captured and exploited what the customers have been telling you and feeding their thoughts to you about the subject. Is there a business case? What is it, how does it apply to you as an entity, have you got to get help from other companies? Can you articulate the idea into a viable marketing message, have you got the right marketing methods? It sounds simple but you need to bounce the issues off someone who can give you hard practical advice honed by experience. Lutra and its associates have the experience.

Once you get to the real world Lutra can help with planning and carrying out advertising, exhibitions, press releases, active contacts to connect with, country specialists to introduce you to their country with all its foibles and issues. When you come to getting the equipment into the hands of the users they will want to see the test results or do the testing. Lutra has experience in setting these up, making certain they are realistic and fair and maybe that other competitors undergo the same tests without fear or favour by carrying them out through independent test houses or government agencies.

Tests all passed its time to make a proposal. Lutra has associates who are specialists at this. Part of that speciality is the ability to examine and assess the competitors and their products. Then you have to write! Lord Penny an extraordinarily gifted scientist and engineer and the “father of the British Nuclear Programme” once said “More good projects have been lost through want of good English than want of good engineering and science”. The same is true of contracts. Lutra can help you to get the right response to UK and overseas governments. Lutra can help by “red teaming” your proposal to make certain you do.

Once in service equipment needs supporting and Lutra has the team to help. Critically the same is true of you. You need support in your decision making, how you organise your team and how you energise them. Lutra’s associates can help and advise and at the very least listen and be a sounding board.

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