About Us


Lutra is the multi disciplinary consultancy which pulls together our colleagues from as many small consultancies and specialists as is required to solve your problem across the defence and security sectors (including law enforcement but not manned guarding). Our colleagues are all people we know and trust and have worked with in the past.

Helping SSL train at Yeovilton
Bonfire test with PPD
Helping PPD at Eurosatory

we are

Experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, sensible, pragmatic, workable, effective, quick, dogged, wide ranging, far sighted, holistic, economic, hard working, results driven, honest, creative, straightforward, security cleared, proud of our reputations, able to look ourselves in the mirror and our colleagues, friends and families in the eye.


Help UK companies (especially SMEs) export from the UK and partner with overseas companies. Equally we assist overseas companies access the UK market and British companies.

Provide effective no nonsense consulting services that don’t cost the Earth.

Help SMEs plot the course for their businesses and then run down that course.

Help overseas and UK companies form partnerships to jointly attack their home and export markets.


If you are trying to:

• Sell to Governments,
• Export your skills, capabilities and equipment,
• Help Government,
• Reform and integrate your structure,
• Reform procurement processes,
• Form JVs,
• Market or promote your company or existing products,
• Deal with Press and Media including formulate media plans,
• Deal with CBRN,
• Finance or managing new products and ventures,
• Deliver products and programmes needed by end users,
• Write bids and proposals,
• See if your idea stands the common sense test before discussing it with your team,
• See if your idea stands the common sense test before exposing it to the real world,
• Find mentors for your team,
• Work with Overseas Primes,
• or merely (a small understatement) trying to sell to UK Government! (Especially into defence and security),

…We or our friends and associates can probably help.

Picking up burnt cartridge cases with PPD
Inside a 4GD training facility
Arranging delivery for SSL


UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Japan.

United States, Canada, Chile.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Jordan.

South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho, Botswana, West, Central and East Africa generally.


Experience and original thought from CBRN to CIED from VIP protection to security of major crowded events.

Business Development

We can assist in almost any aspect of government, industry relationships, business development and marketing.


With an accumulation of experience & skill, we will help deal with the problems faced by companies & governments.


Lutra have delivered and implemented many solutions at operational level. See our achievements in ‘Latest News’