Lutra Associates


Manufacturing & consultancy

With the experience the associates have they have either been the catalyst or the instigators of partnering arrangements between companies and companies and governments.  Lutra has the skill and experience to spot what a partnership is appropriate, suitable partners and areas of common ground. Frequently partnerships are either the only or the most appropriate way to market and deliver and can cover issues as diverse as offset, supply, local acquisition, manufacturing posture (local, kit out kit assembly, localization, final preparation etc). Experience helps define the issues and the options for partnering.

Spotting the relative strengths and weaknesses of the companies for partnering or supply is a key Lutra skill. With the associates background this activity is second nature to us and we are always seeking to assess manufacturing capabilities.  This leads us into helping to improve manufacturing.  It may be there is a need to change leadership models, processes, structures.  Lutra is expert at spotting the need, defining the issue and helping to provide working solutions for manufacturing.

Part of this process contributes to our consultancy activity but it is only part of that capability. Lutra has a history of delivering successful consultancy.  Whether its assessment of your competitors capability or working out effective delivery mechanisms of training or supplies consultancy is what we do and we can use it to help you. 

Manufacturing trainers for the Joint Helicopter Command
Offloading the crane at Yeovilton
Manufacturing SSL panels in Halifax