Company Profile


Cutting-edge training systems for urban infantry operations.

Company Overview

A veteran owned and operated business, 4GD specialise in cutting-edge training systems for urban infantry operations. Their core product is the 4GD SmartFacility™, a high-tech, immersive and adaptable urban training environment. The SmartFacility™ is designed to offer unrivalled accessibility and performance, allowing soldiers to train with increased regularity and realism. The 4GD SmartFacility™ is made up of five levels, each one increasing in capability and offering the user a more enhanced experience:

How the relationship started

Lutra was asked by a contact in the financial world to help 4GD by providing some commercial experience and expertise in dealing with the processes and procedures of the UK Government and MOD in particular.  Lutra was delighted to do so since they operated in an area close to one of Lutra’s military strong suits namely training.

The ingenuity and innovation in the 4GD systems is ground breaking and disruptive and getting this message over to clients in the military and the police is a fascinating challenge.  At the same time dealing with something this disruptive is a real challenge for the commercial folk.  The templates they have are simply not designed to deal with the excitement, unique situation and the incredible benefits that will accrue especially if they go off-piste and get equipment into service quickly and with as little fuss as possible.  Suffice it to say experience and contacts are really important in this sort of situation. People one knew as a junior officer or official are now senior and can be approached and projects one dealt with which were cutting edge then are now getting older and dare one say it mature and need an injection of youth and enthusiasm. Helping do something this groundbreaking is the challenge any representative wants. 


Level 1 – SimWall.

Is the physical foundation of the SmartFacility™. A reconfigurable non-ballistic panel system it offers the user the opportunity to regularly change the training environment.

Video and recording System

Level 2 – 4GAV™.

4GAV™ is the heart of the SmartFacility™ and comprises three components. First, a high-fidelity video monitoring system offering a near-perfect top-down view of the whole facility. Second, an integrated special-effects system. Third and intelligence Facility Management System (iFMS).

Data Collection and Analysis

Level 3 – SimStriker™.

SimStriker™ is 4GD’s specialist intelligent targetary. Specifically designed for use with non-ballistic ammunition natures (paint marker rounds), the SimStriker™ records hits, movement and sound and responds with life-like behaviours.

Combined Arms Training

Level 4 – Ecfectus™.

A tactical performance data collection and analysis system, Ecfectus™ collects data from a range of sensors placed across the user and in the facility for immediate performance feedback and long term analysis.

Acies™ synthetic wrap

Level 5 – ACIES™.

Acies™ is the synthetic wrap that introduces synthetic combined arms to the SmartFacility™. 4GD are already revolutionising training in the US and UK.

“Tim has been an extremely valued advisor to 4GD for a number of years. Always available with sage advice, his guidance has been essential to helping us navigate a number of successes and challenges.”

Lutra associates have acted as a full spectrum business advisor for 4GD for a number of years. With an unrivaled knowledge of the international defence sector and its key players Lutra have, amongst many other things, facilitated market entry activities, provided advice on business development and, supported bid writing and structuring. Throughout, they have passed on their wealth of knowledge of how to successfully navigate the many idiosyncrasies of the defence sector. They have been, and will continue to be, our first point of call for advice and support.