Formed around an experienced core team

Lutra Associates

Providing Advice, Business Development, Consultancy and Delivery.

Effective no nonsense consulting services

Formed around a core team of associates/assistant directors, we are a collaboration that together have skills in many disciplines with in depth knowledge and longstanding relationships with key contacts in many areas of defence and security.


Experience and original thought from CBRN to CIED from VIP protection to security of major crowded buildings and events.

Business Development

We can assist in almost any aspect of government, industry relationships, business development and marketing.


With an accumulation of experience & skill, we will help deal with the problems faced by companies & governments.


Lutra have delivered and implemented many solutions at operational level. See our achievements in ‘Latest News’

Our Clients

We help UK companies (especially SMEs) export from the UK and partner with overseas companies. Equally we assist overseas companies access the UK market and British companies. Take a closer look at some of our clients below.

Survival Systems Limited
PlastPack Defence

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