Company Profile

Survival Systems Limited (SSL)

Simulation technologies used in providing realistic safety and survival training.

Company Overview

Survival Systems Limited (SSL) incorporated in 1982 and is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. SSL is committed to the preservation of human life by delivering highly-robust, low maintenance simulation technologies used in providing realistic survival and safety training. A credible leader in its field, the company is renowned for its in-depth experience and proven on-time and within budget delivery; enjoys global brand recognition; and is consulted as trusted expert advisors evidenced by published R&D, references, brand recognition; and ultimately, survivor testimonials.

How the relationship started

Lutra’s relationship with SSL started after we had worked together on another project and the CEO of Lutra worked for another company.  However after Lutra was formed there was an opportunity to work together and Lutra contacted SSL and the relationship was successfully rekindled.  Subsequently Lutra heard about a project where SSL had not been considered. It turned out that the project was having problems with a supplier and Lutra suggested that SSL’s advice and help be sought.  It was, and their help developed into delivering a very major item of equipment which was key to the successful completion of the project. Subsequently there was an opportunity to supply two of SSL’s world famous METS® – Modular Egress Training Simulator devices also known in industry as Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET) systems on lease to the Ministry of Defence.  Lutra facilitated the arrival and deployment of the METS®, helped prepare the bid response for two new METS®, managed the arrival and deployment of the new units and managed the out load of the leased METS®. Lutra has been involved in all project aspects including commercial meetings on SSL’s behalf, managing and administering  the visits from Canada and arranging and implementing the user training of both the leased and the new METS®.

At the same time a number of other opportunities have emerged. Lutra has been busy helping form the requirement, assisting the clients with planning the programme and managing and administering visits by SSL from Canada.

Dealing with the shipping and transport during the post BREXIT shipping issues and the COVID lockdown was an experience out of the usual. A mixture of tact and steel were needed when dealing with shipping and courier companies but all in the day of the life of a good representative.

Interpreting the differences in language and culture that occur as things cross the Atlantic is a challenge.  Seemingly innocuous words, actions or interpretations can cause all sorts of miscommunications.  As representative, Lutra is there to ensure that it’s the same language or at least the same meaning when people are discussing complex issues. It really is not always the same language all the time.  



Technology and Capabilities met at Yeovilton

Technologies / Capabilities

Highlights of SSL’s wares include Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS®) used for delivering performance-oriented underwater egress training; integrated Personnel-Rated Lift Systems; and enlivening controlled Safety Training Simulation Theaters (STST™) through use of realistic Environmental Training Aids such as wind, rain, wave, audio / visual, fog to mimic the open sea.

Delivery of units to Yeovilton

Industry Segment

Maritime Safety & Survival Training.

Presence in the United Kingdom

Royal Navy Centre of Maritime SERE and Underwater Escape Training (RNCMSUET), Yeovilton; Galliford Try for UK MoD, Leicestershire; RelyOn Nutec, Teesside; RelyOn Nutec, Aberdeen; Survivex, Aberdeen.

SSL training Theatre


SSL has been contracted for 121 METS®; 66 Personnel-Rated Lift Systems; 90+ Environmental Training Aids, and 18 Survival Training Simulation Theaters (STST™) in more than 30 countries to serve: military / defence (all services); paramilitary; offshore oil and gas operators (e.g. SHELL, EXXON, LUKOIL); commercial training centers (e.g. RelyOn Nutec, Toll ACE Training Center, Megamas Training Company); training academies, learning centers; universities, colleges; HS&E NGOs; fire brigades; R&D test centers; shipyards; and airport aviation services.

Installing the crane at Yeovilton

Geographic Markets

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

“Tim Otter of Lutra Associates is a great fit with Survival Systems Limited’s purpose of enhancing and preserving workers’ lives.”

Tim’s hands-on industry experience and breadth of knowledge across military services helps determine and solidify users’ needs, aligning SSL’s custom training solutions to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.  His high level of interest and performance delivery is evident in having bridged contracts for SSL with RNCMSUET Yeovilton.