Operating at any level in a government, company or corporation – from head of government and board level to project manager or systems team leader Lutra is able to help. We help the small teams grow and develop and put a human face on the big and possibly impersonal organizations. We aim to help you provide a human face to your activities wherever and whatever you are doing. With an accumulation of experience and skill that runs to several decades if not centuries the team can select the right person to help you deal with the problems faced by your company, department or government.



With its years of BD experience Lutra is especially well suited to supporting companies in all phases of winning and delivering business…

Delivery to Yeovilton
Helping Serstech enter the UK market


Help to Market

Lutra’s Chief Executive, Tim Otter, worked in business development at a senior level covering government and industry in both UK and international markets for 25 years.  Other associates are as experienced. Between us we cover many different fields…


Manufacturing & Consultancy

With the experience the associates have they have either been the catalyst or the instigators of partnering arrangements between companies and companies and governments.  Lutra has the skill and experience to spot what a partnership is appropriate, suitable partners and areas of common ground…

Installation of a frame at Yeovilton