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Marketing & Business Development

All Lutra’s associates are experienced in marketing and business development. To quote a Chief Executive that Tim worked for “If you are not interested in Marketing and Business Development you should not be employed in industry. Everything you do is about the presentation of your company, its products and services and you.” This ethos pervades everything we do.

In defence and security Marketing and Business Development is the key element of getting to market. It’s about “right product, right place, right time and right operational concept and support” Dare we say it it’s also “right people”. Lutra can help with all these issues.

It’s knowing the market, knowing the people in the market and crucially what needs doing when. Its also about what needs to be divined about the future of operations and understanding what actually military commanders and their political masters are seeking in their “intent”. If the equipment does not fit the concept nobody will waste time and money on it. Lutra knows the market, the people and what to do when.

If you are going to develop your own equipment then you must first think through the operational concept. All of these are issues and subjects Lutra’s associates are specialist in as a result of their military education, training and experience or because they have been working with the military for many years. Getting these prerequisites right is the key to getting to the race.

The race is about your bid and proposal. Lutra are specialists in this. Understanding the procedures and protocols of military procurement, getting the language right, saying and doing the right things about what might seem to the layman to be peripheral subjects is crucial. These issues, frequently to do with operational support or logistics, are essential for the military be it for peace keeping or war fighting. They will often be far from home and usually in the cold, dark and wet. Not the moment for the kit to fail because you did not understand the context. Lutra can help you do just that and then help you support it in service.

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