The simultaneous announcement in Canada and the UK of a new partnership to provide survival simulators, trainers and training for the specialised helicopter, aircraft, small boat offshore, and vehicle markets in the UK has brought a new team to the UK market.  Survival Systems Limited (SSL) of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, the doyen of survival training has teamed with Lutra Associates Ltd of Datchworth, Hertfordshire. UK to approach the UK market.

METS™ (Modular Egress Training Simulators)

SSL has built an admirable reputation for effective trainers and performance-based procedures based on its commitment to the whole ethos of safety, with emphasis on factors effecting egress. Working with the original platform designers to enable effective egress in an incident SSL has helped build crew and passenger survival into the thought process from the “clean sheet of paper” to the aftermath of an accident.  SSL’s underwater escape trainers called METS™ (Modular Egress Training Simulators) are key to this approach. This commitment has won customers in specialized civil and military markets worldwide.

Lutra Associates Ltd provides no nonsense low cost; Advice, Business Development, Consultancy and Delivery in the defence, security, and policing fields.  Lutra is a group of highly-skilled and experienced individuals who know both the specialist subjects and other high-quality, value for money providers involved in these fields who come together to deal with specific problems and programmes and provide the  solutions and quality traditionally associated with equipment and back-up in these specialist fields.

Speaking in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Paul Douglas, President and CEO of Survival Systems Limited said “We chose Lutra as our partner because their approach increases our value to the end user by providing the right expertise at the right time and because they have the right approach to customers in the UK market.  By being our eyes, ears, and feet on the ground, backed by technical expertise, Lutra increases our contact with the customers and end users and maintains our commitment to quality by supporting reduces SSL’s our marketing and bidding; delivery; and through life capability management .”

In Hertfordshire, Tim Otter, Chief Executive of Lutra Associates Ltd said, “Survival Systems Limited is undoubtedly the world leader in the provision of egress trainers.  Their commitment to the whole life and holistic problem from the design of the platform through effective training, using specialist instructors, to after incident de briefs is an ethos that has the respect of the market and the gratitude of many survivors.  Their willingness to go the extra mile such as the provision of double redundancy and additional precision in their METS™ lifting devices is very impressive. It demonstrates a quality, safety, and survivability ethos that permeates everything they do. We are proud to have been chosen by them”

About Survival Systems Limited,  Established in 1982 by Albert Bohemier a former RCAF Sea King Pilot Survival Systems is a privately owned company now under the control of Paul Douglas formerly of Ernst and Young.  Since its foundation, the whole Ethos of the company has been to provide the best chance of survival in an emergency for the crew and passengers of helicopters, aircraft, vehicles and small specialised working boats. Survival Systems Limited’s purpose is “to enhance and preserve workers’ lives through safety education, training technologies, and applied research and development”.

Survival Systems’ industry setting and widely adopted Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS™)  technology with enhanced safety offerings such as  enlarged emergency escape exits, personnel rated lift systems,  instruction, continues to yield the company a senior position in the worldwide market. SSL operates in the global defence, energy exploration and production; marine and maritime; and technical training institute industries.  SSL enables consumers in these industries to supply safety training through use of its version of  helicopter underwater escape trainers (HUET) – the high-fidelity METS™ and lift handling systems (jib and XGH).  Variants of METS™ are used to prepare and enhance the end user’s skills to survive a helicopter ditching, boat and vehicle rollover in water. SSL has provided escape trainers across the world to specialised helicopter, aircraft, vehicle and boat operators.

Backing up the METS™ and other trainers is a wealth of; R&D, specialist instructors based with Survival Systems Integrated Services, its own training facilities in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and similar capabilities at customers’ sites around the world.  Comprehensive through life capability management ensures updates occur as users’ platforms evolve. SSL’s approach is to work with original equipment manufacturers to understand a platform to ensure survivability is built in and examine incidents to ensure procedures and equipment aid survival in the most effective way. Customers that include the Canadian Forces, all services of the United States Military and Coast Guard, Australia’s Army, Navy, and SAS Regiment as well as  defence forces and offshore training organizations worldwide shows that SSL makes survival a way of life.