Display 100 Indicator and Promote ChemDash enabling a complete chemical intelligence system.

Stalbridge Dorset UK Lund Sweden 14 Mar 2016 Lutra Associates acting for Serstech attended Security and Policing to expose Serstech’s 100 Indicator and ChemDash to the wider UK Law Enforcement agencies and blue light services and to Overseas delegations. The two products, one hardware, based on Raman spectroscopy, the other a software system, combine to allow operators in the CBRNe & Hazmat , EOD, Counter Narcotics, Customs and Trading Standards domains to operate a secure chemical intelligence system allowing libraries and data to be accessed by authorised individuals and teams. The stand was busy with UK and overseas visitors keen to understand the concept and practicalities of this innovative new system.

ChemDash which works on an open architecture basis can accept data from other sensors on a plug and play basis and can also act as an incident response management tool in a standalone mode. The ease of use, form and function of 100 Indicator and the simplicity of concept of ChemDash won many plaudits and the combination of the two was widely praised.

100 Indicator has been developed from the offset as a user’s instrument. Considerable thought has been given to solving the user’s problems, ease of use and simplicity of operation. These issues have been addressed by intuitive, simple operation and controls, easy to understand displays and form factors designed for ease of use. Backed up with a web based support system and by an easily accessible laptop/tablet based records and analysis system the 100 indicator is already winning plaudits for its effectiveness from operational users.

Speaking from Lund Kristin Eybert-Bérard, Marketing Manager for Serstech who attended on behalf of Serstech said “We are very grateful to Lutra for facilitating this opportunity. Serstech has been impressed by the interest we have raised and intelligent questions asked by the high quality visitors to the stand. Lutra have provided us with support in the form of concept of use and market studies and contacts to launch the concept of Chemical Intelligence into the UK and World markets and we are determined to capitalize on the support they have given and the opportunities they have generated for us.”

Speaking in Stalbridge Tim Otter Chief Executive of Lutra said “Security and Policing was a good opportunity to expose the combination of 100 Indicator and ChemDash to the market. The determination and innovation that Serstech have shown in pulling the concept together and delivering a first class user focussed operating system is both stimulating and rewarding. The positive feedback from specifiers, users and procurement officials alike was gratifying. Having been involved in this market for several years both Dan Kaszeta of Strongpoint Security, one of our Senior Associates, and I are sure that Serstech have a concept and equipment that is a winning combination.”

About Serstech AB

Serstech offers solutions to maximise your chemical intelligence. Through the use of a handheld Raman spectrometer and IT platforms Serstech provides a powerful tool for management, analysis, storage and sharing of chemical information. The system handles anything from explosives to narcotics, hazardous substances and industrial chemicals. The customers can see the bigger picture and are able to take better decisions followed by the right actions to improve process quality and increase productivity.

Serstech is a young solutions-oriented company based in Lund, Sweden. Through a passionate team embracing ease of use, open systems and with your productivity in mind, we are committed to help you maximise your chemical intelligence.

About Lutra Associates

Lutra’s 60+ respected, experienced associates from across Defence and Security provide practical, economic; help, advice and solutions for decision makers. Appropriate virtual teams tackle the client’s problem(s) delivering practical solutions. The associates have skills covering the A-Z of Defence and Security and cover: Strategy and Policy formulation, Tactical Thought and concepts of operation, Media and PR, Doctrine and Training, Design and Manufacture, Project/programme Management and Delivery, Procurement and Structure reform, Motivation and Personnel and Team development. LUTRA provides help in: Management or Acquisition reform, Introducing products, Design and Manufacturing, The Nuts and Bolts of Bid Writing and Project/Programme Management and Delivery, Strategy, Policy, Doctrine and Tactical Advice for Defence, Counter terrorism or Security, Personnel or Team Development or simply mulling the issues over and ranking the options. Lutra Associates has the experience and knowledge to help make choices and then, implement and deliver cost effective solutions.

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