New Consultancy Group based around experienced Defence and Security Professionals starts operations to provide advice and assistance across the defence and security arena

A new defence and security consultancy has started operations.  Based on a partnership of experienced defence and security professionals with skill sets ranging from analysis to zoonotic diseases the consultancy brings together a number of like-minded professionals who believe they can help all sides of the defence and security continuum achieve better results.  The team are all highly experienced and used to providing and delivering quality results and advice on almost any subject in defence and security.

The group will operate on a virtual basis to keep overheads to a minimum and will form appropriate teams to provide companies and governments of all sizes with the very best advice and services to enable them to provide the most cost effective services to their own customers, clients and citizens.  One of the key distinguishing features of Lutra Associates is its cross discipline capabilities and experience in delivering high quality advice based on unrivalled experience and knowledge.

The group’s CEO and one of its senior associates Tim Otter said “I have wanted to do something like this for some years. On a number of occasions, too frequently really, during my career in defence and security I needed broad based advice which is frequently not available in many of today’s spread sheet driven defence and security companies big or small. When I turned to the industry to provide it I was faced with ‘the too big or too small’ syndrome: too big and too expensive or too small and too narrow. Crucially my friends and colleagues at the top of the defence and security arena believe the same need exists.

“By bringing together people I know, trust and like who themselves know other people with similar capability we have formed a partnership that can make a difference to the outcome of any problem whether it’s experience, technical or resource related.  Our worldwide experience and capabilities will enable us to help all parties in dealing with the nuts and bolts of doing business in the defence and security arena.  If you like, we are the A-Z of defence and security business.

“A key service will be to help small UK companies export by providing resource, expertise and proven experience but equally we can help overseas companies approach the UK market and our ability to solve difficult engineering problems is but one example of our technical expertise.  If you have a problem in the defence and security A-Z we have someone who can help you find the answer.  We are here to help,” said Otter.

About Lutra Associates Limited
A group of associates with skills in many disciplines and with knowledge of and contacts within most if not all areas of defence and security Lutra Associates provide skills, resources and capability across the A-Z of defence. The people involved have a depth of knowledge and range of experience and contacts that allow them to give practical advice, carry out studies, assist with business development and marketing and make life simpler for the hard pressed defence and security official, executive or project manager.

Capable of operating at any level in a company or corporation from board level to project manager the team is able to help small companies grow and larger companies have a human face. With an accumulation of experience and skill that runs to several decades if not centuries the team can select the right person to help deal with the problems that companies and governments face.

With a considerable degree of experience in the export and international field the team is particularly well suited to help small and medium companies that might be less experienced or lacking in skills for dealing with the international market and working across borders.  This can range from export and import activity to export control and licensing to international facilitation.

The team is equally skilled in providing and assisting in government relations and facilitating government to industry relations and assisting with setting up events that allow governments to explain their needs and companies to showcase their capability. Coupled with an experienced marketing, press, media and communications team Lutra Associates can assist in almost any aspect of government/industry relationships.

Operating as a virtual organisation Lutra keeps its costs low but provides top quality professionals to help with solving the most difficulty problems. Whether the requirement is technical or human Lutra exists to provide help and solutions to the hard pressed government officials and industry directors and managers in defence and security.