Leading innovator and manufacturer of robotic vehicles in defence and security to co-operate with leading consultancy company on concepts, design, marketing & sales

Zagreb Croatia, Stalbridge Dorset UK xx Jan 2014. Leading UGV company, DOK-ING Ltd and international business consultancy Lutra Associates Limited have announced today that they are to co-operate on developing new opportunities for UGVs. The joint activity includes concept definitions, market assessment, design, worldwide marketing and sales assistance.

DOK-ING provides world class remote controlled ground vehicles (UGVs) most notably in the defence and security, mining and mineral extraction, firefighting and crisis intervention sectors. Lutra Associates Limited provides consultancy for business development and support and expertise in the defence and security markets.

In addition to its work in crisis intervention in catastrophic situations, firefighting, mining and mineral extraction DOK-ING’s UGVs are optimised for the defence and security sectors. DOK-ING is a worldwide leader in remote controlled solutions for countering improvised explosive devices (CIED), explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), surveillance, remote handling of hazardous material and earth moving in dangerous situations e.g. under fire or in minefields. DOK-ING UGVs are spread across the world, most notably in a Program of Record with the M160 (MV-4) route proving and clearance systems for the US Army in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Lutra brings years of expertise and experience in the UGV arena including electronic warfare and support, electro optics/optronics, chemical biological radiological and nuclear (CBRN), EOD and CIED. Lutra Associates Ltd experts will provide DOK-ING with market support, training and capability development, ethics, environmental protection, human factors in health and safety and MMI.

Gordan Kolak, DOK-ING’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “It’s fantastic to find a company with a concentration of skills and experience that Lutra packs into such a small team. From top to bottom, Lutra consists of a multi-skilled team of experts. Their network is solid and vast and they truly live up to their claim to being the ‘A-Z’ in the Defence and Security industries. Lutra’s international reach is extensive and providing pivotal support in expanding our international business”.

Speaking in Dorset, Tim Otter, Lutra’s Chief Executive said “One visit to DOK-ING convinced us of their capability and credibility. Those of us who have been active in the UGV world are envious of their innovative approach to intractable problems. Their engineering solutions are practical, elegant, concise and based on world class engineering and innovation. We look forward to working with DOK-ING in an increasingly active way.”