Following its successful move from Hertfordshire to STALBRIDGE, Dorset and the successful three years of trading we have had so far the founders of the company have decided that now is the time to reorganise and prepare for the next phase of our business growth. To this end effective from 10th September 2015 a number of senior associates become assistant directors and part of the management structure of Lutra. This formalises a de facto position that has established itself over the last 12-15 months.

In essence in addition to the current administrative staff, who remain virtual and part time, the current senior associates will increase in number to 12 and will take on running regional offices and/or specialist portfolios. They will, as assistant directors, also form the management committee of the company to advise the directors and assume a greater role in project and programme leadership.

The teams which we field for projects will continue to draw on the remainder of the associates who will come together as virtual teams as and when required and available. When not working on contract for Lutra people remain free to find other work. Where there is a specialist need for internal advice this will come from the associates as it has done up to now. In this way we only use people when they are needed and we do not have to find work to keep people employed.

The regional offices will be based in the senior associates’ home offices. In this way we aim to retain the adroitness, agility and low cost base which has characterised our performance so far and allowed us to offer our customers and clients practical solutions as a result of understanding their complex problems together with competitive prices and fees based on low overheads and high quality outputs.

To achieve these low overheads and costs we will continue to minimise costs by only rarely holding physical non project meetings. By using facilities such as those provided by the IOD, FSB and, teleconferencing as much as possible, and by physically meeting only when necessary or opportune we will continue to offer value and performance without cost increases.

Explaining the reorganization Tim Otter the Chief Executive said “This reorganization has flowed from the confidence our clients and customers have shown in us and by the increasing business our quality, value and delivery has generated. We will continue to strive for new and innovative ways of working to the benefit of all concerned. All involved with Lutra, the directors, employees and associates, would like to thank our customers and clients for the confidence and trust they have shown in us and we hope we will be able to adequately repay them by continuing to offer high quality Advice, Business Development, Consultancy and Delivery across the A-Z of defence and security”.

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